2013. június 2., vasárnap

DXN NEW Member Registration

Join from all over the World, the registration is FREE: CLICK HERE:


Sponsor’s DXN ID number: 310013424

Sponsor’s name: TóTH LAJOS

Follow these steps:

1.Click: Become A New Member (only for new Distributor)

2.Read the DXN Policy then click ‘Continue’

3.Select your country from the drop down menu.

4.Click to ‘Continue’

5.Enter Sponsor’s DXN Code: 310013424

6.Click to ‘Check Sponsor’. If you see ‘TóTH LAJOS’ you did it right

7.Click to ‘Continue’

8.Complete the online registration (Note: Those areas marked * are mandatory to be filled out correctly.) 9.Click to ‘Continue’

10.Complete declaration

11.Click to ‘Continue’

Congratulations, you became a DXN distributor and your DXN code generated!

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